Rock Art along the Mediterranean Arch

The Levantine prehistoric rock art spans along the coast and inland mountain ranges of the Mediterranean Basin on the Iberian Peninsula; over a thousand kilometers near the coast area, from Catalonia to the east end of Andalusia, where more than seven hundred sites of prehistoric rock art of singular value are preserved; more than 300 of them, in the Valencia Region. It is also a unique phenomenon in the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula.

Arte rupestre levantino 3 muestras

The paintings are arranged in shallow open outdoor shelters, on the front walls and sometimes on the roof. The figures show simple profiles with more or less pigment filled and contoured, predominantly red, black and, to a lesser extent, white and yellow colors. The delicate and thin strokes were made with bird feathers and / or plant elements. The figures are filled sometimes with spot colors and then outlined.

This is a naturalist and narrative art where the scenes are the first accounts of the European Prehistory, and provide very relevant information of individual or group hunting, trapping and tracking wounded animals; harvest, such as honey, but also the first evidence of organized armed conflicts, fighting, executions and scenes of everyday life that provide information on clothing and personal jewellery that mark social differences since prehistoric times.


Arte rupestre levantino

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