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A BTT Centre is a freely accessible facility for mountain bikers, which has a network of well signposted routes and a series of equipment and additional biking support services. Whatever your level, BTT Centres will allow you to discover the most beautiful areas of the Region of Valencia and ride safely and comfortably.

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The BTT Centres in the Region of Valencia offer:

- A minimum of 100 kilometres of circuits, perfectly mapped out and signposted and designed to suit all levels of skill and experience.

- A welcome point that offers you information and advice about the BTT Centre itself and the surrounding area. It also offers bicycle hire, parking areas, areas to wash and repair bicycles, showers and WCs, as well as first aid kits and facilities.

- Information points dotted around the Region in different establishments and places, which provide information about the BTT Centre and the tourist resources in the area.

- Quality standards established for the BTT Centre services and infrastructures, with the certification and backing of the Regional Department of Tourism.

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Each BTT Centre offers various trails with different levels of difficulty, taking you through areas with little motorised traffic, generally on untarmacked paths. The trails are colour-coded according to their difficulty, distance, slope, biking possibilities and the condition of the surface. Most of the itineraries are circular and start at the welcome point. The routes are marked and interconnected, and can be followed either as single routes or combined for longer journeys.

The welcome and information points contain an informative map of the BTT Centre network of trails and indications of the different services offered. All the trails also have a comprehensive system of signposting and beacons with different signs all along the trail and especially at the intersections.

BTT Centres on the net:

You can find interesting and up-to-date information as well as various materials about these Centres (photos, downloadable tracks…) on social networking sites:

- BTT Centres on Facebook --> Share your experiences at BTT Centres.
- BTT Centres on Twitter --> Information and direct communication channel.
- BTT Centres on Wikiloc --> Download all Centre routes for your GPS.

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