Active tourism in the Region of Valencia

Imágenes de turismo activo en la Comunitat Valenciana (senderismo, btt y kayak)

Active tourism is the perfect choice to spend a few days close to nature, whether in the mountains, in the countryside or along the coast. That is why Valencia Region has wide and diverse range of offers in adventure tourism for all tastes and the whole family.

Get ready for adventure in Valencia Region. Hike by routes and approved footpaths, practice adventure sports in natural areas or travel along the coast or kayak can also be your allies.

  • Kayak de mar

    As in blue waters, hiking consists in carrying out trips of a medium to long distance in single and double kayaks designed to this end with watertight bulkheads to carry camping equipment, food, wa...

  • Piragüismo

    This activity consists in sailing down a river with variable levels of difficulty in a single canoe and with specific equipment, overcoming natural obstacles using different techniques and thus dis...

  • kayak por el Xúquer

    The queen of canoeing activities, it is often used to introduce beginners to other modes of kayaking. Indeed, kayaking in blue waters provides a safe and fun way of discovering kayaking, offering a...

  • vuelos en globo

    Balloon flying is an activity that is carried out from dawn, noticing how nature awakens at your feet as the sun ascends across the horizon. The activity is performed for about one hour, during whi...

  • Senderismo cerca de Sant Joan de Penyagolosa

    The Valencia Region offers excellent infrastructure for hiking: it has over 5.000 kilometres of...

    "All paths deserve to be explored, even when they do not lead anywhere". Paul Venham
  • Paintball

    In this sports, participants use markers powered by compressed air, carbon dioxide or other gases, to fire small pellets filled with paint at other players. It is, in essence, a complex strategy ga...

  • BTT en la Tinença de Benifassà

    This activity is carried out on a Mountain Bike (or MTB) on mountainous terrain. This term is applied to all other cross-country terrain types that present many of the difficulties present in mount...


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  • Canoa en el río Cabriel

    A canoe is a relatively small boat that is propelled by oars. In canoeing, rowers sit facing the direction in which they are moving (unlike in Rowing, where rowers are sitting facing the opposite d...

  • cicloturismo

    The Valencia Region offers varied landscapes and a climate that is highly suitable for bicycle tourism. Beyond the trails that follow the mountains of Valencia, which are suitable for mountain bike...


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