Museums in Alicante Costa Blanca

Discover the variety of museums in Alicante you'll find if you travel to the Valencia Region. The coastal region of Valencia, despite being a destination chosen mainly for its fabulous beaches, features also a rich cultural offer thanks to its museums, among other attractions.

Some of them are of great importance, but there also a number of smaller museums. Furthermore, different temporary exhibitions are often shown in different exhibition rooms of the town, like the Fish Market, the Provincial Council Hall of Alicante or the foundations of Savings Banks.

Major museums in Alicante

If you organize your holiday in the Valencian Region, you'll enjoy its rich culture visiting the various museums in Alicante. Among the most prominent we can name the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, as it is the oldest building in the city, being initially conceived as grain warehouse. It is located next to the Basilica of Santa Maria, and in its halls you'll find a collection of twentieth century art, composed mainly from works donated by the artist Eusebio Sempere. In addition to these works, you will find some by Chillida, Picasso, Dali and Miro, among others.

The Gravina Museum of Fine Arts (Mubag) in Alicante, is another of the most visited museums in town. This museum is devoted mainly to painting and sculpture by artists from Alicante, from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century.

On the other hand, we must not forget the Provincial Archaeological Museum (MARQ) in Alicante, one of the museums that you must see if you visit the town. It contains funds from the archaeological sites of Torre de les Maçanes, and all kinds of archaeological pieces from throughout the province, from the Stone Age to the Modern Age. It was also awarded the prize to the European Museum of the Year in 2004.

Finally, you can visit the Museum of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante, the most modern in town, which is located in the Port of Alicante. This modern museum of Alicante contains the history of the race since its creation in 1973 as the Whitbread Round the World Race. If you are passionate about sailing and boats, you'll love this museum.


  • Img 1: AQUARIUM
    Located in the “Plaza Francisco Fernández”, it has a surface area of 700m2 In a central hall are installed 9 large aquariums, which show the marine life of the Mediterranean: its flora and fauna. It...
  • Baños Árabes en Elche
    In their three rooms, these baths, key element in the Muslim world, show, for example, a stone sauna or hot room, and how the hot air from an oven was circulating among pillars.
  • Museo Arqueológico Municipal
    The exhibition room is divided into two sections; archaeology and palaeontology, it offers visitors an interesting trip through the culture of these lands, providing a chronology from the Palaeolithi...
    The building, which has been converted to house the Museum, on its own is worth a visit. However, inside it is offered a range of elements that range from the Palaeolithic to the medieval epoch, whic...
  • Img 1: Museo Arqueológico - Etnológico Gratiniano Baches
    This museum has five sections, dedicated to the environment, to fossils, numismatics and ethnology. Visitors can contemplate anything from the most typical flora of the municipality, to a collection...
  • Colección Museográfica Ferroviaria
    The first diesel JOP that circulated in Spain is the star attraction of this museum, which also exhibits a collection of mechanical signs with real pieces and other objects related with the railway....
  • Img 1: Museo de los Belenes
    The Museo de Belenes (Museum of Nativity scenes) in Torrevieja has recently opened. This museum includes everything from simple pieces of popular craft to beautiful pieces by Spain’s finest craftsmen...
  • Exterior Museo
    The Biodiversity Museum was inaugurated in the Villa de Ibi on 30th September 2004. Its ultimate aim is to make society in general aware of the values of the conservation of the Mediterranean ecosyst...
  • Casa del Belenista
    Permanent exhibition of the funds of the Association of Nativity Scenes in Callosa de Segura, a town in Alicante which has a large nativity scene tradition, kept alive to this day thanks to the hard...
  • Casa Museo Francisco Torregrosa
    The abstract and creative art and the avant-garde pieces make up the main collection of this museum.
    A visit to the historic centre allows one to enjoy the Fester Museum not only for the building’s architectural interest, but also because of its collection of costumes, weapons and old programmes of...
  • Img 1: Casa-Museo Miguel Hernández (Museum)
    In this house, popularly known as the ‘Calle de Arriba’, lived the poet Miguel Hernandez with his parents and brothers. The museum conserves the furniture and apparel of the epoch, with photographs o...
    Property of the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo, is one of three that exist in Europe. Built in 1903 it presents three faces clad in marble and Bateig stone, with large windows. The sumptuous interi...
    Inside this stately home, the Association of San Jorge shows a complete collection that, in a certain way, summarises the festivity of Moors and Christians with costumes and posters.
  • Museo de Pusol, Elche
    The museum was set up as just another activity within the programme provided by the unitarian school of the district of Puçol, thus beginning the task of salvaging farming objects, customs and ways....
  • Centro de estudios hernandianos
    Library, documentation centre, web site, digital magazine and exhibition room on topics relating to the poet.

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